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Let Susie and Shell watch your little ones while you workout.


Kids & Creche Facilities.

At Burgh Healthy Hub: 24 hour gym in Helensburgh, we understand that it can be difficult to balance your fitness goals with caring for your little ones. That's why our gym offers a convenient on-site kids creche facility where you can leave your children in the capable hands of our experienced and friendly creche staff while you work out.

Our gym with creche is a safe and fun environment for children aged between 2 weeks and 12 years old. Our trained carers, Susan and Michelle, have more than 50+ years combined experience in caring for children of all ages, ensuring your little ones are in good hands in our gym with creche facilities. You can enjoy your workout with the peace of mind knowing that your children are well looked after with endless activities!


Kids aged from birth to 12 years are welcome.

We provide a range of fun activities and safe toys to keep your children entertained, including games, books, and arts and crafts. Our 24 hour gym creche is a social environment where your children can make new friends and enjoy fun games while you work out.

With the on-site kids creche facility at Burgh Healthy Hub: 24 hour gym, there's no need to worry about finding childcare while you work out. You can drop your children off and focus on your fitness goals, knowing that your little ones are happy and safe in our qualified care.


Monday to Friday

9:00 - 11:00am


8:00am - 10:30am

PRICING (applies to Lifestyle members):

1 child = $11 per week.

2 children = $15 per week.

3 children = $19 per week.

*lifestyle members get unlimited access.

*additional to your membership.

PRICING (excl. Lifestyle members):

1x visit = $6 per child.

PRICING (multi-pass):

10x visit multi-pass = $48.

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