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Fit2Shine specialises in youth strength and conditioning classes for pre-teens (10-12 years) and teens (13-18 years) with a range of strength, conditioning, fitness and weight training classes.

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Burgh Healthy Hub - Fit2Shine - Kids Fitness.jpg

Burgh Healthy Hub presents: Fit2Shine - Powered by The BrandX Method.

Burgh Healthy Hub is delighted to introduce Fit2Shine, a specialised range of strength, conditioning, fitness, and weight training classes designed for pre-teens (ages 10-12) and teens (ages 13-18).


Powered by The BrandX Method, which originated in the U.S.A. in 2004 and boasts an international reputation for excellence in youth fitness and training. The BrandX Method is dedicated to developing the most effective techniques for teaching safe movement through exercise, enhancing the athleticism of all children.


Meet Coach Shari and Coach Lee, our dedicated Professional Youth Coaches who specialise in youth fitness. Both are Certified Professional Youth Coaches with The BrandX Method, consistently implementing the best coaching methods and progressions tailored to the unique needs of growing teens.

This is a brand new kids/teens program offered by the Fit2Shine team at Burgh Healthy Hub.

Here are some key features and aspects of the Fit2Shine program:

  1. Age-specific classes: The Fit2Shine program is divided into two age groups: pre-teens (10-12 years) and teens (13-18 years). This division ensures that the exercises and training are appropriate for the different stages of physical development and maturity in each age group.

  2. Strength and conditioning: The program focuses on building strength, agility, and endurance through various exercises and conditioning routines. These activities help in developing a strong foundation for overall physical fitness and athletic performance

  3. Fitness and weight training: Fit2Shine incorporates various fitness and weight training techniques suitable for young participants. These exercises not only help in improving physical strength but also contribute to maintaining a healthy body composition and promoting a positive body image.

  4. Certified trainers: The classes are conducted by experienced and certified fitness trainers who are skilled in working with young individuals. They are equipped to provide personalized guidance, monitor progress, and ensure safety throughout the training sessions.

  5. Fun and engaging environment: Fit2Shine classes are designed to be enjoyable and interactive. The aim is to encourage participation and make fitness a fun part of the participants' routine. This can help instill a positive attitude towards exercise and wellness from an early age.

  6. Holistic approach: While physical fitness is a primary focus, the Fit2Shine program also emphasizes the importance of overall well-being. Participants may receive guidance on nutrition, mental health, and stress management to support their growth and development.

  7. Social interaction: Fit2Shine classes provide an opportunity for young individuals to interact with peers who share similar interests in fitness and well-being. This can help foster a sense of community and motivation among participants.

  8. Positive reinforcement: The program encourages participants to set achievable goals and celebrates their progress, creating a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Please contact Coach Shari directly on 0414 693 394, or visit their website for more information

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