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Our classes are relaxed, fun and provide you a with a space to fall in love with your whole self... over and over again!


Yoga Classes in Helensburgh.

Join Burgh Healthy Hub for a relaxing and rejuvenating yoga class at our 24 hour gym in Helensburgh NSW. Our weekly sessions are suitable for both beginners and advanced yogis, with experienced instructors who will guide you through a series of stretches and postures designed to improve flexibility, balance, and mindfulness.


Whether you're looking to unwind after a long week, improve your overall fitness, or simply find a peaceful moment to yourself, our Helensburgh yoga classes are the perfect way to achieve your goals. Our instructors are passionate about creating a welcoming and supportive environment, where you can explore your own practice and push your boundaries in a safe and controlled manner.

Burgh Healthy Hub has 2 sessions available weekly on our group Fitness Program which includes a 6.00am awakening session.


Hatha Flow is an inclusive style of yoga to suit all levels. Each Class will help bring peace to the mind and help start your weekend from a calm and centered place.


So why not join us for a yoga session at Burgh Healthy Hub and experience the benefits for yourself? Whether you're a seasoned yogi or just starting out, we have a class that's right for you. Book your session today and start your journey towards improved health and wellbeing.

Check our Group Fitness Program for sessions.

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