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Meet our NEW Nutritionist-in-Residence: Stephanie Meades

Stephanie Meades is a Holistic Nutritionist (Grad. Dip Human Nutrition), Exercise Physiologist (B. Ex. Sci & Rehab), Certified GAPS Practitioner (Gut & Psychological Syndrome), Certified Breathwork Practitioner, Meditation Teacher, Corporate and Community Wellness Advisor, Author, Speaker, Mentor/Coach, Wife and Mum.

With an extensive educational background in Western health sciences and traditional Eastern modalities, Stephanie utilises her well-rounded education as well as drawing upon her own unique life experiences gained over two decades of working in the field of personal injury, occupational rehabilitation and private practice, to support and inspire others to achieve their own unique health and wellbeing goals.

By providing effective, simple and practical advice, Stephanie empowers individuals with the know-how and ‘response-ability’ to reclaim their own health and wellbeing using nutrition, movement, nervous system regulation, mindset, connection and breathwork as her main tools of the trade to achieve optimal wellness and mindbody performance.

Stephanie's vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of the people she is blessed to coach through engaging, educating, empowering and inspiring individuals to regain control of their own unique health and wellness journey. Using simple, effective behavioural change strategies Stephanie inspires and supports individuals to create their own wellbeing vision and achieve their goals by focusing on healthy, sustainable and scientifically proven lifestyle modifications that will get you there.

"Our bodies truly are geared towards achieving optimal health, when we listen to them and provide the care and nourishment they need, they will reward us in remarkable ways". Stephanie Meades

For more information on Stephanie, visit her website

BURGH Health & Wellness Workshops with Stephanie Meades

Stephanie is available to all BURGH members for consultation and will be hosting workshops onsite at discounted rates for our membership base as well as the broader community.

HELP US to understand what topics will help you lead the best, healthy lifestyle by filling out the survey below.


What workshop topics would you attend?

  • Nutrition & Diet

  • Gut Health

  • Breathwork

  • Women's Cycle Syncing

What times & days work best for you?

  • Weekday after hours

  • Weekend mornings

  • Weekend lunchtime


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